Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What do you know about our organization - HR Interview Questions

Every recruiters have an interest to know about your interest in the their company that up to what extent do you know about this company. You are being able to answer the question. If you have to conduct some researches regarding this company. But always remember this fact that you have to represent yourself as you have done some research work about this company and gained some information and you are keen to know more. Don’t overwhelm the interviewer. This may hurt the interviewer’s ego. You can discuss about its products or services, revenues, reputation, image, goals, problems, management style, people, history and philosophy. This is the safe way to answer this question, “In my job search, I’ve investigated a number of companies. Yours is one of the few that interests me, for these reasons I am here” Don’t say like this: “Well, everyone tells me that you’re in all sorts of trouble, and that’s why I’m here”.
For answering this question you have to prepare yourself in advance. Go through internet and read blogs and check Discussion Boards and social networking sites. If you are a college going student go to the career office or placement department you can get a list of alumni who work for the company. Mark up some relevant information easy to remember. This will put up a dogmatic impact over the interviewer panel.

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