Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What Are Your Weaknesses - HR Interview Questions

What are your weaknesses? In almost every job interview, the candidate is asked this question. You might think that this is some kind of leg pulling question. To your surprise that is not true! This is not at all a leg pulling question. But this is actually a brainteaser.
The question will trigger your presence of mind.  Be positive, pure and clear. Plan and deliver your answer in such a way that your weakness should reflect to your strengths. Be confident and answer it in a good sound.
Example 1:
You can answer like; you are a stickler for meeting and project deadlines which may cause you to sometimes work late nights. And you lose the work and personal life balance.
Example 2:
Or you can also answer it like; you like to stay on top of the project until it is done according to quality standards, which sometimes may cause frustration in your juniors.
It shows your maturity level and openness when you are brave enough to talk about your weaknesses.  Now it is time to show your intelligence and presence of mind. So add up something that demonstrates how you take your weaknesses positively. Tell them that you are not just aware of your while you are actually working on them.
So for example for above two weaknesses we spoke about, we will cover them as below.
Weakness 1:
You lose work & personal life balance. But tell them that you work on it by planning your work ahead of time and you have come long way and you are now seeing some improvements.
Weakness 2:
Your juniors sometimes get frustrated because you emphasis much on quality. But you educate them with the importance of quality work and how it makes your product unique than other competitors and puts you in a good position in market.
This will be enough to impress your interviewers. While make sure that you do not spend much time on this question as after some time the conversation might head towards something less important.

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