Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Important Points to Remember about Group Discussion (GD) - HR Interview Questions

   * It is important for all the members of a group discussion to use reasoning.
    * It is also important for you to ask questions that will allow you to determine how much the other members know about a specific topic.
    * You should not make a statement which gives your opinion about the accuracy of a comment that has been made by another member.
    * If you are the one who is planning or leading the group, it is important to make sure every members contributes something to the discussion.
    * It is important to make sure everyone is talking about the topic. The students should talk and make statements regarding the topic.
    * The best way to approach the topic of discussion is to start with a concept that is simple before moving to one that is complex.
    * Once you have researched the topic, you should develop your own thoughts or opinions about it.
    * To successfully participate in group discussion, you must know how to work well with others, and you must understand the topic or materials that are being discussed.

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