Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sharepoint STSADM Interview Questions and Answers

What is sharepoint stsadm?

Stsadm ”stands for SharePoint Team Services Administration"
It is a Command-line tool used for administration of Office SharePoint 2007 (or MOSS 2007) servers and sites and even its not Not limited to administrative needs – can be extremely helpful to developers.

Where the sharepoint stsadm is it located?

You will normally find stsadm,  under C:\Program Files\Common Files\ shared\web server extensions\12\bin.

Permissions are required to perform sharepoint stsadm operations?

To use Stsadm.exe, you must be a member of the local Administrators group for the server computer.
In addition to this you definitely need access to the required sharepoint databases so that you should not get any errors while deploying sharepoint solutions.

How to cancel a stsadm deployment if it is stuck at “deploying” or “Error”

You can either try to force execute timer jobs using execadmsvcjobs command or can cancel the deployment using stsadm command
"stsadm –o cancaldeployment –id {GUID} command."
The Id here would be GUID of the timer or deployment job. You can get the Id from stsadm enumdeployment command. This will display all the deployments which are inprocess or are stuck with Error.

How to perform operations on File system or registry of the server with stsadm command ?

Sharepoint Stsadm does not allow you to access file system or registry. It is a tool to perform administrative tasks for SharePoint farms only.

Backup and Restore sites with Sharepoint stsadm?

For backup using sharepoint stsadm
stsadm -o backup -url "http://Siteurl" -filename C:\Backup\BackupSite.bak
For Restore using sharepoint stsadm
stsadm -o restore -url "http://retsoredsite" -filename C:\Backup\BackupSite.bak
Is stsadm backup or restore different from Import or export?
Sharepoint Stsadm Backup or retsore allows you to backup either a site collection or a complete web application. It can also overwrite the exiting site collection for the destination url.
Export or Import - This operation allows you to backup or restore a site, sub site or a SPWeb instance. You can move this site or sub site under any existing site in your farm, across multiple site collections.

Is stsadm working with SharePoint 2010?

it was a rumors that new Power Shell 2.0 will replace the stsadm tool. but sharepoint 2010 fully supports the stsadm. but for the best practice always use powershell if you are using sharepoint 2010.

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