Tuesday, January 17, 2012



One of the most interesting new feature of SharePoint 2010 is something called Sandboxed Solutions.
Think of it this way. In 2007 we have solution packages, WSP files that are packaged up with all kinds of goodness (Master Pages, InfoPath Forms, Web Parts, Custom Actions, etc.). Whenever we want to deploy these, we need to hunt down our IT guy and hand him over the package to run on the server and deploy, using the farm account. Only then can we activate the feature on our site or site collection. And then there’s the hassle of retracting, redeploying, etc. for upgrades.
In Sharepoint 2010 the game has changed

SharePoint Sandbox solutions is one of the cool and innovative features of SharePoint 2010

Sandboxed solutions restrict access to network and local resources to provide greater security and stability. You can use sandboxed solutions for load balancing solutions, for solutions that have not been fully tested, and for deploying user solutions in a hosted environment. Sandboxed solutions run in a separate worker thread so that they cannot access resources that belong to other solutions, and they have limited access to local and network resources.

Solutions are packaged as .wsp files that can contain features, site definitions, Web Parts, and assemblies.

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